From catalytic glycosylation to automated synthesis of glycopharmaceuticals.

From catalytic glycosylation  to automated synthesis of glycopharmaceuticals

The Demchenko Laboratory

With participation of more than 150 co-workers or trainees, my laboratory has developed many innovative tools for the synthesis and application of carbohydrates in the following major areas.

Chemical glycosylation

Stereocontrol and other mechanistic aspects of chemical glycosylation. Novel glycosylation reactions.

Oligosaccharide Assembly

Oligosaccharide synthesis: expeditious strategies and automated technologies

Biomedical applications

Biomedical studies:
development of glycopharmaceuticals.

Innovative technologies

Carbohydrate nanotechnology: integration of glycans and nanomaterials.

The Importance of Carbohydrate Research

Carbohydrates (glycans, glycoconjugates) are the fingerprint of our cells.

They play role in:

A Lab to make your
greatest impact.

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